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Greenville, SC Artist   

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Stan Berry is a Greenville, South Carolina area artist working primarily in watercolors.  His subjects range from landscapes, seascapes and cityscapes to family pet protraits.  

Artist's Statement:

I have always been interested in drawing and art. As a young boy and during college I was continually sketching, drawing futuristic cars and laying out plans for dream houses. My career took me into many areas of Engineering, Marketing and General Management far from artistic endeavors, but I promised myself that upon retirement I would take up some type of creative art.

I always admired those artists who master the use of watercolors. Their skillful application of the combination of water and paint can create a translucent effect giving the painting a more natural look.  I decided to try my hand at watercolors by taking some art classes after my retirement in 2006.  I have been working with watercolors seriously since then.

I prefer painting either from photos I have taken or on-site. The Greenville area is an ideal location for an artist, close to the mountains and the beach.  In addition to landscape/seascapes, I have always been interested in architecture, especially older buildings; cities here in the Southeast offer many interesting subjects. Charleston is especially a great location for an artist searching for inspiring architecture and cityscapes.  I travel extensively throughout the Southeast always with an eye out for interesting subjects.  I also look for photos on the internet that provide dramatic and colorful scenes that provide inspiration.  An artist always has  that "creative license" to interpret scenes that go beyond what the camera's eye can reveal.

Somebody once said, “A person working just with their hands is a laborer, working with both hands and head is a craftsperson, but working with the hands, head and heart makes an artist”.
I strive to place a little heart in my paintings and drawings, whatever the subject.  I hope you sense this in my work.  It has been and continues to be an exciting experience for me and I hope you enjoy my artwork as much as I enjoy the process of its creation.


Artist's Bio:

I was born and raised in Mansfield, Ohio, but spent much of my life in Michigan. My career then took me through Wisconsin, North Carolina and ultimately here to the Greenville, SC Area. I earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kettering University and an MBA from the University of Michigan. I then spent over 45 years in the Industrial Automation and Machine Tool Industries in various Engineering, Marketing and General Management positions.

I was lucky to relocate to the Greenville Area some 25 years ago. The art scene and art educational opportunities in the area are extraordinary. So, after retirement in 2006, I enrolled in beginner watercolor classes at Furman and followed-up with courses through the Art Museum. I continue to take advantage of classes and workshops by the many skilled artists in our area. I am thankful to these fine local artists who have shared their knowledge and assisted in my development.

I am a member of the Greenville Metropolitan Art Council, Taylors Art Group and the Travelers Rest Artist's Alliance. My work can be found at The NEW Art Cellar at 233 North Main St in downtown Greenville, across from NOMA Square and at various host businesses  Travelers Rest during the First Friday, Art and Town Crawls.


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