Watercolors by Stan Berry
Greenville, SC Artist   


"I actually began serious painting with Pet Portraits and still enjoy drawing and painting animals.  I  concentrate on their "facial" features, especially the eyes.  If you have a beloved family pet, I would enjoy capturing its personality in an original watercolor portrait.  Recently, I have worked on some pieces referenced from clients photos.   I try not to simply replicate a photograph, but attempt to use watercolors to incorporate a little softness and depth to give the painting a "personality" of  its own."

Pet Portrait Commissions:

Commissions are accepted for watercolor paintings of your favorite pet.  Paintings are typically created from your photographs or Stan can meet your pet and take reference photos.  A pencil or pen & ink study is provided for your review and approval before the final artwork.  Originals are offered matted and framed with the portrait image itself usually sized at about 11" by 14" (matted to 20" x 16"); custom sizes can be provided.  Prints of various sizes can also be available, including notecards or postcards with the image of your pet. 

Samples of Pet Portraits:


                "Bandit"                                "Xander"                       "Annie (the dog)                     "Annie (the cat)"
"Expressing the warmth and personality of your pet through the brilliance of watercolor provides a dimension that cannot be captured in just a photograph.  I try to capture an animal's personality through first, the eyes and then through the textures and characteristics of the coat.  I usually use several photos as reference in capturing the personality of the animal.  I look forward to working with you to provide a lasting remembrance of your special family member."

Other Stuff:

If you have taken some photographs of favorite places while on vacation, during your travels or even if you have found a photo in a magazine or on the Web which interests you, Stan can recreate the subject in a watercolor painting to the size you desire.  Typically, Stan will provide a sketch and/or a color study for your review.  You can then point out in detail what it is about the subject that grabbed your interest and that can be emphasized in the final piece.  Here is an example of a photo and the final piece after review of a pencil sketch for size and a small color study.  The customer wished for more greens and a brighter representation and this was incorporated into the final piece as shown:


"I have also referenced photos from clients of their favorite cars or boats to provide either watercolor on paper or canvas.  Again, I try not to create an image that is simply a replication of the photo image, but to capture the subject in a less severe, softer light which can be a displayed as a piece of art, rather than a simple photo.  Here are some examples"

                       "My '66 Rive" (on paper 14" x 11")                       "Tom's Sea Ray" ( on canvas 12" x 12")

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