Watercolors by Stan Berry
Greenville, SC Artist   


"As I travel around the Southeast and occasionally to other parts of the country I am now always alert for interesting subjects that inspire me to recreate the images through the magic of watercolor. I find it best to paint from photos I have taken personally or by painting on site. Since most locations present a number of  similar views for creating interesting artwork, my efforts often result in a number of different paintings, but all with a somewhat common theme. Therefore, resulting in collections of paintings that are, in a way, connected.  My travels around the Carolinas has allowed me to focus on city scenes in Charleston and Greenville, as well as landscapes of the Mountains, the Low Country Wetlands and the Carolina Coasts."

Charleston Alleys:
There are many beautiful old homes in Charleston, SC that have been the subject of countless paintings over the years.  However, there is another side to these beautiful structures, the alleys and yards between the tightly clustered dwellings.  Walking down the side streets of this historic city and your attention is drawn to these spaces. Peer down cobblestone walkways, through gates and past shadowy landscaping into hidden gardens between these homes.  

Here are some samples of this collection to which Stan is adding with every trip to Charleston. Here are few samples.........

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 "Where Art Thou"

"Charleston Sideyard

"Pink Ladies"

"Charleston Backyard" 

"Backyard Sentry" 
 "Keep'n In or Keep'n Out" 

"Charleston Courtyard" 

  "Charleston Veranda"  
       "Red Shutters"        

All original paintings in this collection are matted and framed with image size of 11" x 14"; selected prints are available in a variety of sizes.  See Contact and Events Section for pricing.

Greenville and Charleston  City Scenes:
Downtown Greenville, SC provides many opportunities for the artist, especially the Falls Park and Reedy River Falls. The Liberty Bridge has become a major tourist attraction and the surrounding parks draw many people to this attractive southern city. The surrounding area also offers many more subjects to excite the artist. Charleston is, of course, a mecca for artists with exciting scenes around every corner, not just the alleys, but buildings and street scenes capture the character of the "Holy City".

Here are a few original watercolor paintings intended to capture some of the magic of these cities and surroundings. Stan continues to create paintings of the Greenville Scene, both from personal photos, as well as from on site painting (plein air); as you wander around Greenville you may see Stan sitting and painting along the Reedy.   Stan travels to Charleston frequently and is also continually adding unique scenes of this historic town.  Here are a few samples........

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"Fall at the Falls"

  "The Ravenel from Shem"           

"The Liberty"
"The Other Bridge"

"Charleston Fixer-Upper" 

"Charleston Palms"
"The Campbell Bridge"

  "Fall at the Falls II"        
  "High Cotton"

All original paintings in this collection are matted and framed with image size of 11" x 14"; selected prints are available in a variety of sizes.  See Contact and Events Section for pricing.
Boats, Beaches and Wetlands: 
Artwork can transport the viewer to places they have visited and have provided good memories, or to places in their imagination they hope to someday visit or maybe they will only dream of.  This is especially true of beaches and tropical paradises.  Boats have always suggested an escape from everyday reality, a sense of adventure, journeys into the world of our dreams.  Stan offers an ever expanding collection of paintings to touch the viewers imagination of beaches, Carolina wetlands and unknown voyages.  Here are few samples....................

Point your mouse to enlarge some paintings: 

Watercolors on Paper
           "What a Beach"

                "Island Cabin"

                "Breaker 1"   

            "Sunset Beach" 

        "Driftwood Sculpture"       

              "Beach 1"     

     "Chesapeake Shoreline"    
       "Gunkhole in Paradise"  
         "On the Main"   
           "Beach Village"  
        "Brookgreen Wetland"   
     "Nova Scotia Sunrise"  

Watercolors on Primed and Sealed Canvas             
            "Kiawah Wetlands"    
                 "Wild Dunes Beach"


                        "Beach Path"

       "Down to the Beach"     
      "Bonyard Beach Sentinel"         
                   "Sea Grass"       
            "Beach Chairs" 

Originals shown are either 8" x 10" or 11" x 14", image size.  Original paintings on paper in this collection are matted and framed with image size of 11" x 14"; selected prints are available in a variety of sizes; as well as selected matted originals in standard frame sizes.  Prints (8" x 10"matted for standard 11' x 14" frames) may be available for those sold originals. Watercolor on canvas may be framed or simply wrapped ready for hanging.  All canvases have been sprayed with fixative for sealing.  Please contact Stan or the galleries for details.  See Contact and Events Section for pricing.

     Small Pieces on Primed & Sealed Wrapped Canvas           

 A selection of similar, original small pieces (6" x 6") are priced between $20 and $30, depending on subject.

Please see the CONTACT & EVENTS page for the location of galleries exhibiting and offering Stan's work and Art Show & Events in which Stan will be participating, as well as how to contact Stan directly.
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