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"From time to time I'll add a few comments on and examples of my current projects, as well as some of the experiences I've recently had at shows, in classes or simply wondering around searching for interesting subjects."



February & March 2014:   Mostly reframing paintings and updating work for the two galleries displaying my paintings.  Also, creating more colorful and more impressionistic work.  Here are some examples:


April 2014:
   Still working on beach scenes, since they seem to be fairly popular at this time of year.  Several are in process, but not yet finished.  Took time away from "beach stuff " to  create a larger painting for the Greer, SC International Festival Juried Art Exhibit.  The subject was a Greer landmark, the ruins of an old textile mill on the Enoree River  that is now a city park.  Again, I used acrylic gel for the rapids.  Very pleased to say I won Second Place in the visual arts category.  Here is a photo of the painting and award:

The painting is watercolor, again with acrylic gel to give the water a 3D effect.

I am continuing to work on some beach scenes, popular at this time of year.  The painting below is watercolor on canvas, with the primary painting and backing mounted to a larger board with canvas and watercolor extensions from the main painting.  This combo is mounted in a frame with glass, but no mat.


May - June, 2015:  I really like the gesso treated canvas or water media canvas to work with.  Now working on some small to medium sized canvas.  Here is an example of still another beach scene, I hope are popular at this time of year:.  This is on framed canvas of 8" x 10".

 July - August 2015:  Still working with the "gessoed" canvases, as well as focusing on beach and wetland scenes from  my photos of our South Carolina coast.  Probably just a few more beach scenes before fall and the autumn color in the mountains  takes over.    

September 2015 - October 2015:  I shifted gears into Autumn mode with some paintings featuring autumn colors.  These pieces are on display at the Art Cellar here in Greenville:


November 2015 - December 2015:  Still working a lot with canvas, mostly beach and ocean scenes.  Also continuing to take watercolor classes and painting some small pieces as experiments with different techniques, media and effects.  Here is an interesting cityscape which is a part of Charleston: 

January 2016 - February 2016:   One of my favorite country vocalist is the legendary Willie Nelson.  There was a lot of Willie on TV at the end of the year and he released a new album recently.  I wanted to experiment with some portrait painting and we elderly men are good subjects; lots of character, wrinkles and textures.  Willie is especially unique.  Here is my  attempt at capturing "Willie" in a small piece (12" x 12" framed). after painting "Willie", I decided to paint an entire portrait group of the "Outlaws", that group of country singers included Merle Haggard, Johnny Cash, Kris Kristopherson and Waylon Jennings.  
 I entered "Willie" in the Metropolitan Art Council's 12" x 12" Retrospective Show in conjunction with 2016 Artisphere.

March 2016 - May 2016:   I am still working with watercolor on "gessoed" canvas; very small, original pieces that can be hung as a little accent piece.    These are priced at $25 - $30.   Here are examples of 6" x 6" wrapped canvas available at both galleries:  
Here are even more with more to follow, these are really fun to do.  I am going to add other subjects, like birds.

March 2016 - August 2016:  As anybody who may have checked my website over the summer, I haven't updated much, but I am still painting, but now I am getting back to the web site and an occasional update here on what I am working on.

September - October 2016:  I am really getting interested in watercolor on primed canvas.  It requires a different technique of brush management and paint application than paper.  It produces a softer effect and I enjoy creating beach scenes on canvas, either simple wrapped canvas or framed canvas, also, working on smaller pieces.  I now believe artwork without glass and mats is more desirable to many people than the traditional watercolor on paper with mat under glass.  Here is an example of a framed, small piece (8" x 10") on canvas


Here is another watercolor on canvas, but framed at 13" x 16" overall:


Watercolor on canvas seems to really suit beach and wetland subjects; these paintings can be framed or simply finished as wrapped canvas, no framing.  All wok on canvas is sealed to prevent damage from water.

There have also been some major changes in the galleries displaying my art, please see the Events and Contacts page for more info.

My good friend and long time art teacher, Bruce L. Bunch lost his battle with cancer in late September.  Bruce was an excellent teacher and critic who helped me and many other aspiring watercolor painters develop our craft.  He was an outstanding wild life artist and illustrator well known in the Greenville Art Community, and far beyond.  He was an ardent outdoorsman and one of the really good guys.  I decided to try may hand at a portrait of Bruce in a pose in his preferred environment, outdoors with a sketchpad in hand:


November 2016:  I'm still working with watercolor on primed wrapped canvas.  I really like the effects, but it takes a different technique than painting on cold press.  The following painting makes use of white acrylic Gesso, not only as a step in the priming preparation, but in the final painting itself.  The priming process also uses Golden absorbent ground to provide even a bit more "tooth" to the canvas.  This painting is an attempt at incorporating a French impressionist "look", which I hope to use in some pieces I am working on now.


December 2016 - January 2017:  Looking forward to the annual 12 x 12 Exhibit at MAC I decided to get ahead and create a 12" x 12" wrapped canvas piece.  This is really an experiment also, painting people (other than portraits, I don't work with people much) in a rather whimsical setting.  So here is my effort:


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